Welcome to our web-page. Welcome. This simple, loaded and terrific seven-letter word encapsulates the African brotherhood and hospitality that define the threshold of social relationships. The word is often mouthed, by some people, just because it is normative to do so, and may not derive from a deep reflection on the true meaning and what it does. At the Faculty of the Social Sciences, University of Ibadan, we are habitual in welcoming people and ideas from the depth of our hearts. So, again, welcome. We pride ourselves in inviting the global community to our physical and intellectual spaces for symbiotic engagements that aim to recreate perspectives and paradigms of development for positive change.

We welcome all and sundry to our serene environment that showcases the aesthetic splendor of the ancient and modern. Even without seeing staff and/or students on ground, there is a sense in which our physical space attracts one to ask, how come. The orientation that exposes us to environment-consciousness embedded in modelling and imitation of the excellent behaviour of faculty members is infectious. Guys, let’s keep it up. 

Our departments are globally recognised for cutting-edge research, uncommon academic achievements and community service that have defined the trajectory of the physical, moral and intellectual development of many great Nigerians and members of the global community. Our tentacles are wide. We are distinguished for attracting grants, fellowships, scholarships and exchange programmes from highly reputed institutions and organisations. Some of our professors and staff had assisted and continue to assist younger universities and faculties as visiting scholars, heads of departments, deans of faculties and vice-chancellors. We have produced and will continue to produce renowned city-planners and builders, policy makers, social engineers and personality moulders. Yes we will, because we are the Faculty of the Social Sciences.

Our students are vibrant, diligent, incredible debaters, multi-talented and entrepreneurial. They push our highly dedicated lecturers for more by their audacious but respectful inquiries in and out of the classroom. Our alumni are committed friends; always willing to give back to the Faculty and the University at large. They will, because we are a family beyond three or four years; the bond is eternal. 

At the risk of sounding immodest, it is important to note that, we compete on the highest levels and platforms because we know our onions. Like Antaeus of the old, we gather strength by touching the ‘earth’; the melding of the theoretical and the practical gives us our longitude and latitude, in our quest to conquer.

We are, indeed, grateful to the Almighty Father for granting us the grace to have had the name of our Faculty boldly and conspicuously written in the intellectual map of the world. Surely, the labours of our heroes and heroines past will never be in vain. May God continue to bless the Faculty of the Social Sciences. Amen.

This is the Faculty of the Social Sciences