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I welcome you to Ibadan Sociology, a Department in the University of Ibadan, built on the pacesetting efforts of visionary and resourceful scholars and academic leaders over five decades. The current vision is that Ibadan Sociology will be an outstanding unit and a reference point in the global ranking of subjects in universities. We are focused on teaching, research and community engagements.

We have outstanding academic staff in the five units of the Department that teach Criminology, Demography and Population Studies, Industrial Sociology, Medical Sociology and Anthropology, and Sociology of Development. We teach courses that are relevant and practical to current and emerging issues in the global world. Students are taught the practical applications of functions and structure of society, which prepare them for future endeavours. We have an excellent mentorship program for our students and also support laudable programs embarked upon by the Sociology Students’ Association, especially activities that promote their readiness for leadership, good mental health and skills development

The research contribution of the Department is diversified, with a new generation of sociologists expanding the scope of Ibadan Sociology in this 21st century. Our staff actively participates in international collaborations on multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research while exploring new partnerships. Also, the Department host an open access “Ibadan Journal of Sociology”, which provides a platform for Africans and scholars in other world regions to disseminate and share findings on research related to the development, structure and functions of society as well as the impact of social policies, practices and interventions in Africa.

Our community engagement is vital as we have been translating the scholarly outputs in the Department into simplified public commentary, policy briefs and opinion editorials that elevate public discourse. In addition, our academic staff and students write for platforms like the Conversation Africa, newspapers, blogs and other global open-access outlets where we share informed opinions based on current research evidence from some of our works and those of our students.

The Department has been a home for past and current students, and I invite you to explore Sociology at the University of Ibadan.

Dr. Olufunke A. Fayehun

Ag. Head of Department