Welcome Address

I welcome you to the Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan. I look forward to meeting you individually and physically when the situation permits.

By joining the Programmes in Political Science at Ibadan, you have become part of a growing number of students who have had the privilege of studying at the Ibadan School of Politics.  The Political Science Programme at Ibadan is renowned for the analytical depth, creative thinking, as well as critical perspective it fosters among its staff and students. At Ibadan you will be embarking on an intellectual adventure in the First and the Best Department of Political Science in Nigeria, with global competitiveness aspiration to be among the best in the world. The programme will expose you to new knowledge and new modes of thought and critical engagement in an age of global connectivity.

You have commenced a journey that will enable you develop essential capacities, the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will equip you to thrive in our increasingly complex and interconnected world.  The programme will make you knowledgeable about the nature of political phenomena and  equip you with adequate methodology to carry out research on politics.  The resulting skills will enable you thrive in your professional life, and in your personal and civic life. In courses and co-curricular experiences, you will develop skills in political research and scientific inquiry; diversity, civic engagement and global citizenship; communication; Quantitative Reasoning, and leadership.

The University of Ibadan is a research-oriented university with a culture of inquiry. In the Department, we ask questions in order to explore possible answers in collaboration with our colleagues here and at other universities, and with our graduate students. We have a global presence and actively seek and work with colleagues and institutions across the world.

As a graduate student you will be writing a dissertation as part of your participation in this culture of inquiry.  You will work with your supervisor to plan how you are going to undertake your own work of original research.  Explore all ways of generating new ideas, new knowledge to make your work of the highest quality as part of the Political Science family at Ibadan.

Please take active part in the academic and social life of the university.  As students who have the rare experience of starting off in an environment of a global pandemic, I recognize the challenges that you face, especially having to adjust to virtual delivery. I assure you that it is a learning curve for staff as well.  However, every challenge is an opportunity. Rise up to the occasion and ride gallantly through the crucible so that you can shine like refined gold.


Prof. Aiyede Emmanuel Remi
PhD, M.Sc., BA
Political Science HOD Of The
Faculty of The Social Sciences