The Department of Psychology at the University of lbadan, the premier University in Nigeria, was established in the Faculty of the Social Science in 1976.The department graduated its first set of Students in the 1979/80 session.The Bachelor’s degree offered provides Students with a solid background in all areas of general psychology while at the post graduate level, areas of specialization include industrial/ organizational, clinical, personality and social, developmental, psychometrics and physiological, legal, criminological and security psychology. In addition to these achievements, the Department introduced the professional master in Managerial Psychology (MMP) programme in 1996.

The programme, targeted to meet the needs of Managers in organizations, has attracted a lot of interest from prospective students from banking, manufacturing and service organizations. It is reputed to be first of its kind on the continent of Africa. Another professional Master of Science Degree in legal, criminological and security psychology programme will commence at the beginning of 2002/2003 session. Similarly, the department, in responding to the need to project its activities, introduced a high quality news bulletin with the name Ibadan Psychologist.


The bulletin widely circulates among psychologists a social scientists within and outside Nigeria. This move has been facilitating an interchange of information and ideas between the department and other interest psychologists round the globe. It is hoped that this news bulletin, published yearly, would include news about other psychologists whose activities have relevance for positive changes in the development of psychology in Nigeria.