Nigerian University Geography Students Association (Ibadan Branch)

The Association aims at bringing together all students of the Department and others interested in the discipline. Membership is compulsory for all students intending to major in Geography in the Faculties of Science, the Social Sciences and Education. To sustain and foster interest of its members, the society usually organizes talks, debates, symposia and excursions.  The activities ensure that students look beyond their set academic courses.

Excursions are usually organized to places of geographical interest in the country.  However, where possible, trips are made to places outside the country, especially to neighbouring countries.  The society publishes a magazine, The University Geographer, every session.

Our Executive Member for the 2016/2017 Academic Session are:

  • The President- 
  • The Vice President-
  • The General Secretary-
  • The PRO-
  • The Financial Secretary-