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I welcome you all to the department of Sociology.






DR. R.A. OKUNOLA (Ag. Head)


The Department of Sociology started as a sub unit in the Department of Economics and Social Studies in the late 1950s.  Politics and Sociology were being taught.  In 1960, a sub-department of Sociology was created within the Department of Economics, and Peter Lloyd headed the sub-department, until 1964 when a distinct chair of sociology was created, and this was headed by Ulf Himmeistrand.

Peter Lloyd has become famous as a social anthropologist with a number of published works on the impact of the colonial encounter on the indigenous cultures.  Ulf Himmelstrand, who headed the department from 1964 to 1967, had by the time of his arrival at Ibadan cut a reputation for himself as an excellent young scholar, with research experience in Sri Lanka and Sweden.  Himmelstrand arrived in Ibadan to meet the two other teaching staff of the Department:  Francis Olu Okediji and Albert Imohiosen.  They were to be joined later by Ruth Murray, a British social anthropologist who had earlier taught at the University of Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).  Paul Hare, an American social psychologist spent a year as a Visiting Professor in 1965.

The process of development of the Department of Sociology – from being a sub-department of the Department of Economics to its emergence as a distinct department – impacted on the nature of the early teaching and studying of Sociology at Ibadan.  In the period 1960 and 1964, sociology and social anthropology were offered within the sub-department of Sociology within the Department of Economics.  In 1962/63 Ekundayo Oladehinde Akeredolu-Ale and Samson Bamidele Oke became the first two students to opt for a distinct degree programme in Sociology.  Both graduated as the first holders of a distinct bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 1965.  This is different from the B.Sc (Economics) with options in Sociology with which earlier students like Peter Palmer Ekeh and Stephen Oshioma Imoagene graduated in 1964.

For most students, the separation into distinct courses took place in the second year of study.  There were fourteen men and women in the first set of students to major in sociology; a class that included Miss Similolu Adunni Anisulowo (now Prof. Simi Afonja), Adesuwa Callista Emovon and Martin Igboekulie Igoburike, and so on.  Eight of the fourteen in the class of 1964 went on to pursue an academic career.

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