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Prof. B.O. Ehigie

History - Department of Psychology

Psychology, the scientific study of human and animal behaviour, came into being as a result of historical interest in human nature.  Most people are really more interested in human nature than they are in Mother Nature.  This is partly due to man’s intense curiosity about the nature of man.  In exactly the same way that people want to understand rocks or stars, others want to understand human beings.    Behaviour, in the context used by psychology, includes anything a person or animal does that can be observed in some ways.

Scientific psychology is the brainchild of the western culture.  As a discipline of study, psychology arrived on the continent of Africa in the early 1960s following the achievement of independent nationhood by many African nations.  The Department of Psychology at the University of Ibadan, the premier University in Nigeria, was established in the Faculty of the Social Science in 1976.  The department graduated its first set of Students in the 1979/80 session.

Since then, it has produced well over 900 B.Sc., 235 M.Sc. and about 45 Ph.D holders.  The Bachelor’s degree offered provides students with a solid background in all areas of general psychology while at the postgraduate level, areas of specialization include industrial/ organizational, clinical, personality and social, developmental, psychometrics and physiological, legal, criminological and security psychology. 

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