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Compliments of the Joyous season everybody!!!

Welcome to the Department of Economics at the University of Ibadan. It is a great privilege that God has given me to lead this great Department as Head at this time. This is a department that is very dear to me; for the past three decades, I have been part of its growth and development. I have loved the department so much that one of my strongest desires was to one day lead it to new frontiers of excellence building on the solid foundation of the early fathers of the department who took time to nurture it and place it on the global map of excellence. The department, with its sound research, teaching and community service culture, promises to continue to produce sound Economics graduates who are worthy in character and sound judgment.

I congratulate all past and present students of the department as well as those who would be fortunate enough to be part of its brighter future. The department has trained, mentored, nurtured and produced and is still producing global economists and other social scientists, national and international civil and public servants, business leaders and entrepreneurs, credible politicians, government functionaries and a broad range of professionals.

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The Department of Economics was established in 1958. It was a small department offering limited numbers of courses to a small number of students. There were twenty-five students in Economics in 1958. While struggling to cope with the challenges of under-funding, explosion in student population and problem of brain-drain, the department continues to strive to maintain a minimum level of excellence in its programs, involving a wide array of courses that are available. The tradition of excellence which the department has established has continued to attract students into the Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctoral degree programmes in Economics. The Department admitted for the first time in 1986 a set of students for the newly introduced four-year B.Sc programme. By 1987/88, the number of undergraduate students at all levels (major and subsidiary) in the department had risen to a total of 824 students. There were about twenty student in the masters degree programme in Economics and thirty-seven in the M.Phil/Ph.D programmes.

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