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Rasidi Akanji OKUNOLA

Reader,  Crimonology

B.Sc, (Sokoto), M.Sc. Ph.D Crimonlogy (Ibadan)


Dr. Rasidi Akanji Okunola joined the department in 1994 and has taught courses principally in the areas of deviance, crime studies and treatment of the offender. Primarily a criminologist with research interest in rural crime and policing in transitional societies he has contributed chapters to academic and technical volumes in the area of crime/penology and community development. A recipient of some local and international academic grants, he is a member of National Accountability Research Group (NARG) currently funded by CODESRIA and a fellow of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CEPACS) University of Ibadan. Outside the core academic concerns, his interest in community services and social security led to his involvement in various NGO activities and programme across the geographical zones on Nigerian. He has served as consultant to several United Nations’ Agencies in Nigeria on research project focusing on Poverty, Child Labour, and sustainable development including the Ford Foundation sponsored project on positive leadership in Nigeria under the umbrella of centre for Social Sciences Research and Development (CSSR&D), 2002; and was the Associate Project Manager for the USAID funded Gender Informed Nutrition and Agriculture (GINA Project) in Food Basket Foundation International, Ibadan



Deviance, Crime studies and treatment of the offender; Social thought  and Sociology of Mass Communication



Department of Sociology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

[email protected] ; [email protected]



Students Merit (academic) Award, Federal Ministry of Education, Lagos 1981/82 session

Best Graduating Students, Sociology Department, University of Sokoto  1982

Recipient, Federal Government Postgraduate Scholarship Award             1983/84

Biographee, International Youth in Achievement, 3rd Edition, IBC England              1986

Grantee, NISER/SSCN National Research Network on Liberalization Policies in Nigeria 1992

Grantee CODESRIA Small Thesis Grant (Ph.D.)              1995

Grantee, Population Research Fund Project, NISER        1996

Grantee, University of Ibadan Senate Research Grant         1998

Grantee, ILO International programme on the elimination of Child labour  2005

Grantee, CODESRIA Award for Accountability Network Study                2005

Grantee, University of Ibadan Senate Research Grant         2006




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Major Conferences Attended with Papers Read (In the last 5 years)

  1. University of South Florida; The Citizenship Initiative Programme Workshop (A socio-cultural Study) - November 13-15, 2012

                Paper Read: Conflict and Non-State Armed groups in Nigeria

  1. Nigeria Anthropological and Sociological Association (NASA) Annual Conference, Lagos State University (LASU), Nov. 3-5, 2014

Paper Read: Politics of Policing in Nigeria: A study of the Nigerian Police Force in Ibadan

  1. Nigeria Anthropological and Sociological Association (NASA) Annual Conference, University of Lagos, Nov. 3-5, 2015

Paper Read: Spousal Communication and Domestic Violence among Police Officers and their spouses in Ibadan