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Dauda Aderemi BUSARI

Lecturer, Sociology of Development

B.Sc. Sociology, M.Sc.; Ph.D. (Ibadan)


Dauda Aderemi Busari is an experienced lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the research industry. Skilled in research methods, development issues with a strong bias for data analysis, quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, and research design. As a development expert, Dauda concentrates on interplay between culture and society with a particular bias for the integration of Information and Communication Technology and educational development by investigating its significance for social change in this age of globalisation. In addition to teaching and research in the university, Dauda has actively participated in a number of consultancies for a wide range of international and national organisations. He is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow of the North West University, Mafikeng, South Africa. He has published scholarly works in National and International outlets and has presented papers in a array of conferences. He is a member of International Sociological Association (ISA), Nigeria Sociology and Anthropology Association (NASA), Sociological Association of South Africa (SASA), Population Association of South Africa (PASA).




Development; Research Methods; social statistics; monitoring and evaluation



Department of Sociology, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

[email protected]




2015 -17: Post Doctoral Fellow of the Northwest University, Mafikeng South Africa


MacArthur Foundation/University of Ibadan Conference Grant, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. 2015.


Member, International Sociological Association (ISA). 2017 to date.


Member, Nigerian Sociological and Anthropological Association (NASA). 2014 to date.


Member, Population Association of South Africa (PASA). 2017 to date.




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12th Biennial International Conference on Drugs, Alcohol and Society in Africa 2016 21 - 22 September 2016 Abuja, Nigeria

Paper presented: Busari Dauda Aderemi:  The Burden of Usage and Attitude of Alcohol Consumption among Taxi Drivers in South Africa


Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN. The Annual Africa conference, April 6-7 12th

Paper presented: Busari Dauda Aderemi: Cultural concepts employed in child discipline within rural Yorùbá households: the Ayetoro-Oke African community